Wine Glass Care

Taking care of crystal wine glasses is not a difficult task, and can be done so in very simple steps. Proper care will keep the brilliance and clarity of stem ware, as well as the lifespan and condition.

Always use warm water to wash instead of detergent. Glass cleaners should not be used on crystal stem ware.

Allow the stem ware to dry on a piece of linen.

To create a better shine on the stem ware, steam the glasses over boiling water.

Polishing should be done with a 2 micro-fibre cloth.
Always hold the stem ware by the base while polishing.

Use your left hand to cradle the bowl and polish with your right hand.
Never apply force to twist the base and the bowl of the stem ware.

Keep your hands clean while polishing. Always have a towel nearby to dry your hands.

Avoid breathing into the glass while cleaning or polishing

Enjoy wine with a superb wine glass!